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The HungerU Tour is dedicated to connecting with college students and sharing the story of modern ag’s role in tackling world hunger. It is a special project of Farmers Feeding the World, a Farm Journal Foundation initiative. Farmers Feeding the World brings together all of American agriculture and consumers throughout the United States to feed those in immediate crisis and teach the hungry, regardless of circumstance, to feed themselves.



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HungerU_ShanShan Cheema

Meet Shan, an author of change. Shan is dedicated to making a feasible difference in the world. After moving over to the States from Pakistan, she obtained a degree in biology with a dual minor in public policy and journalism from the City College of New York and, since then, has plunged deep into the realm of  NGOs and U.N. work.  She has interned and written articles for World Information Transfer, the U.N.'s Permanent Mission of Pakistan and Pearls of Hope. So not only is she fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi, but in the language of global public policy. Having brushed shoulders with world health and environment experts and researchers,  ambassadors and heads of states from around the world, she too is hungry to ignite positive change. From Shan's experiences attending U.N. and Millennium Development Goals conferences, she realized two major trends: that one of the biggest issues of our time is food security and that the biggest vehicle for social change today's youth. This awareness is what brought this aspiring young leader to HungerU; she wants to empower and educate her peers to also be revolutionaries in the areas of food security, agriculture, hunger and public policy. 


HungerU_MaddieMadeline Skellie

Maddie believes HungerU creates a unique opportunity to connect young people to agriculture while also providing education about hunger and food security.  A native of upstate New York, Maddie grew up on a dairy farm where she gained valuable firsthand experience with her community’s local food supply chain.  After graduating from University of Rochester with a major in international relations and a minor in anthropology, Maddie continued to expand her knowledge of food issues through internships in the areas of stewardship and public policy.  Maddie hopes to pursue a career in international development with a focus on agriculture and sustainability. Maddie loves the outdoors and in her free time enjoys biking, hiking, running and kayaking. She also likes to travel and explore new places, so she is looking forward to visiting the Midwest with HungerU!


HungerU_FionaFiona Coleman

Fiona has experienced agriculture all over the world, and her passion and desire to learn more is evident. As a WWOOFer, or World Wide Organization of Organic Farming volunteer, she worked on farms and vineyards in Europe, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where she learned about farming practices from many walks of life and perspectives. While attending Merrimack College, she made it her mission to teach others about health and nutrition as she created a container garden project with local students at Lawrence High School. She also traveled to Haiti as a project designer and developer of a rehabilitation program for Haitian agricultural and health care workers.     

She takes these experiences into HungerU with hopes to inspire action on hunger and food waste before she heads to Zambia in February as a food security specialist volunteer for the Peace Corps. In addition to living in a mud hut without electricity or running water and learning a new language, Fiona will work with the local villagers to develop nutritionally secure food sources. Clearly someone who loves to stay active and an avid runner, she hopes to keep up with her marathon training while on tour!    


HungerU_BriannaBrianna Marshall

With an in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience regarding food access and sustainability, Brianna Marshall is a brilliant addition to the HungerU crew. A music fan, an avid reader and writer, Brianna graduated from the Bucknell University in May 2015, majoring in animal behavior. This degree and her experience as a veterinary assistant helped Brianna develop an understanding of food issues as she interacted with large animal veterinarians in farm settings. As an animal behavior major, she understands food security and nutritional issues from a biological perspective. Her passion for food-related issues and policies led her to take various food policy courses at Bucknell. She is also a research and writing intern at the Food Tank: The Food Think Tank. In the future, she aims to pursue a career in food law.




>> The HungerU crew brings you updates from the road via their blog: Thoughts from the HungerU Road

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