We’re all asking the same questions about the future and our world.

“Can our generation make a change? Can I really make a difference?”


It can feel like our personal efforts are small and insignificant, but the HUNGERU CREW is traveling to YOUR CAMPUS to tell you that YOUR IDEAS, YOUR VOICE, YOUR ACTIONS make a difference NOW in the world we live in. YOU can have an impact on what our future holds, and HungerU is set up to help each one of us make an impact.


To answer the question, “Can I actually make a difference?” we at HungerU want to tell you plain and simple, YES.  


We all need to take action, and WE are HERE to help you do that!  :)


What does ACTION look like?

Action is different for everyone, but one thing is always the same: We start with one step forward; we start with our friends and families; we join forces to expand into our campus organizations, communities- even our states, our nation, and ultimately our world. By understanding the issues of FOOD INSECURITY at its ROOT and what it really means for our future, we can each find our place in fighting it, no matter what it looks like. After all, we can’t fight something if we don’t know it exists.


All of these efforts and small steps on a huge scale make such a dramatic difference on our campuses, in our community, in our country, and in the world around us.


HungerU has some easy steps, like donating a meal, contacting your state reps, or volunteering, to show you how ACTION is in all of our hands.

Every ACTION we take is working towards a more FOOD SECURE WORLD tomorrow, starting right now.























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